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Chahab & Durello Exhibition

Chahab is a known artist, born in 1951 in Tehran. Resident in France since 1974, he lives and works in Nay (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). Graduate of Decorative Arts of Nice and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Aix-en-Provence.

Wonderful painter, engraver and sculptor, he plays on registers of different materials and textures. His attraction to surrealism led him to recreate a universe full of shapes and colors.

Jean Durello is a brilliant contemporary and known artist from "le sud de la France", where he still lives and works. Born in 1948, in Aubagne, he keeps his charming provencial accent and love for the region.

Let him speak himself of his works of art......
"The construction of the canvases is done on a support consisting of coats, engravings on silk paper, dead plaster in transparency, all on the base of acrylic and oil paint."

I risk the connection between the construction and the fluidity, between the tangible reality and intangible design.

My goal is to succeed in this difficult association, which is contradictory while complementing eachother, by finding on the canvas this meeting point: the backround!

My current research comes down to this: « Break the mineral allowing the strength to escape »

La galerie in art no borders (1)
La galerie in art no borders (1)

chahab vernissage
chahab vernissage

vernissage chahab galerie

chahab présence
chahab présence

présence chahab in art no borders

La galerie in art no borders (1)
La galerie in art no borders (1)


Paintings and sculptures will be presented in the gallery until october 2020.

To immerse yourself in the world of the artists, we invite you to watch a video of Chahab's history and a second to watch Durello works.





20 years ago, I came to France from California, where I was studying and working as an architect.  


Born and raised in South Africa, when I arrived in Provence, it was love at first sight, as I found the  familiar natural elements of my roots.


Looking for a home and, what a chance, found this house in Ventabren. Then soon after moving in, two amazing daughters were born, Anouchka and Tanya.  Now, 20 years later, I want to open up and share my personal life with my inner creative and global desires.

IN ART NO BORDERS is a concept of sharing  artisans from all over the world.  Exchanging their cultures, history and their natural resources.  We are living in a global world, wether we like it or not, and art, history, culture, music and nature have always been Globally apprecaited and educative, conflict free and peaceful.

This summer, the Gallery exhibits 8 artists. The goal is to share the artists Globally, by working with other galleries all over the world.

Chahab (Iran)                                                  Painter, calligraphist, scultor

Jean Durello                                                    Painter

Bruno Giai (local Ventabranais)                  Portrait and still life pastel artist

Marcela McCormick (Columbia)                 Hand painted Silk Scarfs

Maria Del Rosario Cardenas (Columbia)  Hand made sterling silver jewelery


José (Swiss retired carpenter)                     Hand crafted recycled wood coffee tables

Déree (English)                                               Dried Wild Flowers, locally loved and grown


Gourds from California                                  Dried and handpainted


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